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Hello and thanks for dropping by! My goal is to provide quality instruction in Chinese Wing Tsun Kung Fu.

Wing Tsun Kung Fu

Wing Tsun Kung Fu is a unique Chinese Kung Fu Boxing System that specializes in aggressive and extremely streamlined close range hand to hand combat and self-defense. The object should always be to be as efficient as possible and to end a physical encounter in seconds. The longer the encounter ensues, the more the chances increase for serious injury or the possibility of additional assailants joining the fray.

Wing Tsun Kung Fu is different from other martial arts in that the punches and kicks have a built in tight defensive structure to them. This means that usually there are no blocks at all. The attack is also the defense and that makes Wing Tsun Kung Fu speedier than most other traditional striking martial arts. The footwork is quick, agile and devised for swiftly advancing, uprooting, and unbalancing the opponent.

But Wing Tsun Kung Fu is so much more than just learning how to defend yourself. Wing Tsun Kung Fu has a slew of other amazing benefits that will start having an immediate impact on your health and well being. The terms Mind, Body, Spirit certainly apply here. Wing Tsun Kung Fu can also help you to improve the following:

Plus you get the added benefits of meeting new people, having fun learning, and mastering a skill that will improve your way of life. Wing Tsun Kung Fu could also come in handy one day should you ever have to physically defend yourself or your loved ones.

The fewer the techniques you know,
The fewer the decisions you have to
make under stress during an attack.
The right concept and it's uncompromising
execution is more important
than a collection of unrelated techniques.
--Master K. Kernspecht--

Wing Tsun Kung Fu is featured in the highly entertaining, and recommended 2008 martial arts action movie titled Ip Man. The movie features Hong Kong action actor Donnie Yen and is loosely based on the life of Grandmaster Ip Man. Wing Tsun is also the Kung Fu system that Bruce Lee studied as a teenager and which was the basis for his Jun Fan Gung Fu and Jeet Kune Do. Watch this movie to get an idea of what Wing Tsun is all about!!

Who can learn Wing Tsun Kung Fu?

Anybody can learn Wing Tsun Kung Fu regardless of age or physical fitness level. Wing Tsun Kung Fu is ideal for teenagers and adults and is fun, easy, and safe to learn. Learning is progressive and incremental. Beginners get started slowly on basic stances, structure,footwork, and hand movements. Self-Defense tactics are introduced after the student has a basic grasp of the fundamental movements.

Chi Sau (sticky hands) training is typically taught soon after the student can perform the basic movements of Wing Tsun Kung Fu with some competency.

Becoming proficient in Wing Tsun Kung Fu requires diligent practice. The good news is that the movements are natural and easy to learn. They do not require extreme limberness or the strength and stamina of an athlete. You can quickly achieve your goals when you have guidance by a competent instructor and practice in class and on your own time until the movements become ingrained. Come give it a try!

I am currently accepting a limited amount of adolescent and adult students. No children under 12 at this time. Serious inquiries only please. Come try a FREE week of introductory lessons to find out if Wing Tsun Kung Fu is right for you! Please fill out the form or call the number below to schedule an appointment.

We meet for classes only twice a week as I have a full time job and only do this as a side hobby. Classes are small and purposely kept that way so that everybody gets personalized individual one on one instruction. Classes are held in SOUTH Austin (Wm. Cannon & S. 1st area).


I am also available for private lessons. Why private lessons? Jump start and hone your Wing Tsun skills for quicker results. Private lessons also enable the instructor to correct small details that might be missed during regular classes.

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Wing Tsun Kung Fu Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Wing Tsun, Wing Chun, Ving Tsun, etc?

How long does it take to learn Wing Tsun Kung Fu competently?

How many forms are there in Wing Tsun Kung Fu?

What is Chi Sau (sticky hands) training and why is it necessary?

What is the Wooden Dummy used for and when is it taught?

Are there any safety concerns when learning Wing Tsun Kung Fu?

About the Wing Tsun Kung Fu instructor (Robert)

Robert P

I have been training in the Leung Ting lineage of Wing Tsun Kung Fu since 1990. I have had the privilege and honor to learn from several high profile Wing Tsun Masters and Sifu's (instructors) via regular classes or intensive training seminars. Some of those include Grand Master Leung Ting, Master Emin Boztepe, Master Carson Lau, and Sifu Alex Richter.

I have also had some training in Escrima, and basic Kickboxing (Jeet Kune Do style) Silat, Grappling, Muay Thai, and Kali.

I am now training privately and in group classes under the tutelage of Sifu Glenn Tillman and Alamo City Wing Tsun in San Antonio, Texas. Alamo City Wing Tsun is an authorized school under the City Wing Tsun Athletic Association network of schools headed by the supremely talented Si-Fu Alex Richter in New York City.

My deepest respect and gratitude to Sifu's Alex Richter and Glenn Tillman for their philosophy of constructive sharing and open generosity.

Sifu Alex Richter teaching Wing Tsun at Alamo City Wing Tsun in San Antonio, Texas
Rob Fears, Ram DePena, Alex Richter, Glenn Tillman, Rob Puig


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